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Notable Books2002 Nonfiction List

Notable Books
2004 Fiction List
2004 NonFiction List
2002 Fiction List
2002 NonFiction List
2001 Fiction List
2001 NonFiction List
Title Author Editor Translator Known Publishers
Letters to Montgomery Clift Alumit, Noel MacAdam/Cage, San Francisco
The House of Blue Mangoes Davidar, David HarperCollins, USA
Gould's Book of Fish Flanagan, Richard Picador, Australia;
Grove Atlantic Books, USA
One Man's Bible Gao, Zingjian
(translated by Mabel Lee)
HarperCollins Australia;
Flamingo, UK;
HarperCollins, USA
Father and Son Han, Sung-won
(translated by Yu Young-nan & Julie Pickering)
Homa & Sekey Books, New Jersey
Royce, Royce, the People's Choice Hawes, Peter Random House, New Zealand
When the Elephants Dance Holthe, Tess Uriza Crown Publishers, USA
Beyond Illusions Huong, Duong Thu Picador, UK;
Hyperion East, USA
A Burden of Flowers Ikezawa, Natsuki
(translated by Alfred Birnbaum)
Kodansha International, USA
The Impressionist Kunzru, Hari Penguin Books, India;
Hamish Hamilton, UK;
Dutton, USA
My Chinatown Mak, Kam HarperCollins Juvenile Books, USA
Desirable Daughters Mukherjee, Bharati Allen & Unwin, Australia;
HarperFlamingo, Canada;
Hyperion, USA
After the Quake Murakami, Haruki
(translated by Jay Rubin)
Harvill Press, UK;
Alfred A. Knopf, USA
Video Nair, Meera Pantheon Books, USA
Rouse Up, O Young Men of the New Age Oe, Kenzaburo
(translated by John Nathan)
Grove Atlantic Press, USA
When the Emperor Was Divine Otsuka, Julie Viking, UK;
Alfred A. Knopf, USA
Boy Genius Park, Yongsoo Akashic Books, USA
The Dark Bride Restrepo, Laura
(translated by Stephen A. Lytle)
Doubleday, UK;
HarperCollins, USA
The Fourth Treasure Shimoda, Todd Doubleday, USA
Dead Man's Gold Yee, Paul Douglas & McIntyre, Canada
Goodbye Tsugumi Yoshimoto, Banana
(translated by Michael Emmerich)
Penguin, Australia;
Faber & Faber, UK;
Grove Atlantic Books, USA
Gold Rush Yu, Miri
(translated by Stephen Snyder)
Welcome Rain Publishing, USA

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