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The following rules apply to the 2008 Prize only. Rules and deadlines may vary from year to year. Because publishers are now requested to send books directly to the judges, you will need a list of the judges' addresses, not available online, to enter. Send requests to: or call (415) 777-1628.

Rules for the 2008 Kiriyama Prize

I. Eligible Books

A. Subject Matter

The purpose of the Kiriyama Prize is to promote outstanding books that will contribute to greater understanding of and among the
peoples and nations of the Pacific Rim and South Asia. Therefore, to be eligible for the Prize, a book must relate in some significant way to the Pacific Rim or South Asia, to a particular culture or part(s) of these regions, or to people from these regions. (See a list of eligible countries on the back of the entry form.)

The Prize is awarded in two categories: fiction and nonfiction.

B. Language

1. To be eligible, books submitted must be published in English. They may be works originally written in English OR translations from any other language into English.

2. Only the first, published, English translation of any work is
eligible. If a book has been published previously in English,
subsequent translations are ineligible.

C. Publishing Parameters

To be eligible:

1. Books submitted must be published in printed form for general commercial release. Self-published books are not eligible.

2. Eligible books must be published in Canada and/or the United States. They may have been published in another country or
countries previously.

3. The first US and Canadian editions of the book in English must have been published during the 2007 calendar year. Books that were published before January 2007 in another language or country, but which are published for the first time in English in Canada or the US during 2007, are eligible provided they meet all other criteria for the Prize.

4. Full-length books of both fiction and nonfiction are eligible. Collections of short stories or essays are also eligible; however, all books entered for the Prize must be written by either a single author or by two authors in collaboration. Edited volumes, anthologies, and other collections by more than two authors are not eligible. Books of poetry are no longer eligible for the award.

II. Eligible Authors

A. Winning authors may be citizens of any country and may reside anywhere.

B. The author must be living at the time of the closing date for entries (October 25, 2007). In the case of books by two authors, at least one of the authors must be alive on this date.

C. No entry shall be ineligible because its author has won the Kiriyama Prize or any other prize previously.

III. Entry of Books

A. Publishers must complete and submit to the administrators of the Prize an official entry form for each title entered for the award.

B. Books will be accepted only from the US or Canadian
publisher, though the author of the book may be a citizen of any country (see rule IIA above). Publishers are asked to indicate on the entry form what other publishers, if any, hold publishing rights to the book in other countries.

C. Individuals or groups other than a publisher may not submit books for entry. Authors interested in submitting their work should prompt their publishers to do so on their behalf.

D. Publishers may enter up to three books in each of the two
categories of fiction and nonfiction for a total of six entered titles. More than three entries in each of the two categories will be accepted from a publisher only when the administrators of the Prize specifically request additional titles.

E. Books may be submitted either as finished copies or as bound galleys. Unbound page proofs, e.g. loose pages held together with a rubber band, will be disqualified. Manuscripts must be, minimally, spiral or notebook bound.

F. THE DEADLINE: Entry forms must be received by Thursday, October 25, 2007. In fairness to all participants, no exceptions will be made.

Books or bound galleys must also be received by October 25, with the following exception: if galleys of a book will be available only after October 25, the publisher must so inform the administrators of the Prize. In such cases entry forms must still be received by October 25. However, bound galleys may follow as long as they are received by Friday, November 16.

If a book originally submitted in galley form is selected for the shortlist of finalists for the Prize, publishers will be asked to send six (6) copies of the finished book as well. In this case, finished copies of the shortlisted title must be received by January 4, 2008 in order for the book to be eligible for the Prize.

Please submit books as soon as possible! For obvious reasons, the more time the judges have to read the books, the better.

G. The administrators of the Prize reserve the right to invite
publishers to submit specific titles after the deadline.

H. Six (6) copies of each book must be submitted for the
Kiriyama Prize. One copy should be sent to the administrators of the Prize at the Pacific Rim Voices offices. One copy should also be sent directly to each of the judges on either the fiction or nonfiction panel as appropriate. Books must be sent by first class mail or by airmail to/from Canada and must be received by the deadline. Publishers may send books by express courier; in this case,
packaging must indicate that no signature is required for delivery. The Kiriyama Prize cannot be responsible for replacing books that are lost in the mail.

A list of the judges' mailing addresses will be provided to
publishers on request. The list of addresses is also included in the entry packet, which is mailed out to publishers annually.

In order to protect the privacy of the judges and the integrity of the Prize, if an author, a publisher, an agent, or any other person
associated with a particular book contacts a judge or judges
directly about a work entered for the Prize in order to affect the outcome of the judging, the entry will be disqualified.

I. No book entered for the Prize will be returned regardless of eligibility.

IV. Judges

A. There are two separate panels of judges, one for fiction and one for nonfiction. Each panel consists of five judges.

B. Each of the two panels of judges is responsible for selecting the shortlist of five finalists from among the eligible books entered in their assigned category and for selecting winners from among the finalists in that same category.

C. The task of the judges is to select books that, in their opinion, best fulfill the purpose of the Prize (as given under 1A above).

D. The judges’ choice of the finalists and winners shall be binding.
V. Conditions for the Award

A. Publishers of the winning titles will agree to acknowledge receipt of the Prize in any advertising and promotion of the books
subsequent to the award announcement. The administrators of the Kiriyama Prize will likewise recognize prominently the winning books in publicity and promotional activities.

B. Publishers of the winning titles will agree to incorporate the design of the Kiriyama Prize Winner seal (provided free of charge by the administrators) into the front jacket design of any subsequent printing(s) of the winning books. If a publisher has difficulty in using this Prize seal, alternative forms of recognition on the book cover are acceptable. A limited quantity of self-adhesive Prize seals can be provided to publishers and booksellers on request.

A special Kiriyama Prize Finalist seal or Kiriyama Prize Notable Book seal may also be made available to publishers and booksellers who wish to use them.

C. Publishers of the books chosen as finalists will agree to provide 10 copies of their shortlisted book(s) to the administrators of the Prize upon the public announcement of the finalists.

D. By entering a book for the Kiriyama Prize, the publisher agrees to allow the publication of a 500-word excerpt from the book
on the Pacific Rim Voices family of websites affiliated with the Kiriyama Prize.

E. The Kiriyama Prize is worth US $30,000. The Prize is divided equally between the winning author(s) in the fiction category and the winning author(s) in the nonfiction category. If a winning book is in English translation, the winning author(s) in that category receives $10,000 and the translator, $5,000.

Winners will be required to provide tax documentation before the Prize money is released to them and, in some cases, winnings will be subject to tax withholding.

Publishers wishing clarification in regard to any of the rules should contact the Prize manager at the following address:

The Kiriyama Prize, Pacific Rim Voices
300 Third Street, Suite 822
San Francisco, CA 94107 (USA)

Phone: 1.415.777.1628 Fax: 1.415.777.1646


Publishers are asked to send entries directly to the judges. Request entry forms and a list of addresses from Prize administrators by sending an email to WITH THE SUBJECT "KIRIYAMA PRIZE ENTRY FORMS" or call the Prize manager at (415) 777-1628 AFTER August 20, 2007
The deadline: Entries for the 2008 Prize must be received by Thursday, October 25, 2007. No exceptions will be made. The central focus of books submitted for the Prize must be on some part or parts of the Pacific Rim or South Asia, or on people or cultures from these regions. Please refer to the list of countries on this website or on the back of the entry form.Self-published books, unpublished manuscripts, and print-on-demand books are not eligible for the Prize.Only books by a single author or by two authors writing in collaboration
are eligible. The Prize can only be awarded to
contemporary, i.e. living, authors.Books must be published in English.
Translations ARE eligible, but they must have been published in English in the US or Canada for the first time in 2007.Books must be submitted by the PUBLISHER.The list above points out only the rules that entrants have most frequently overlooked in previous years. Please read the official rules in their entirety before submitting a book for the Prize.There is NO ENTRY FEE for the Kiriyama Prize.

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